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Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles

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December 2004

Aviator Promotes Market Competition
by Ari Armstrong

How Republicans Rationalize Tax Hikes
by Ari Armstrong

Social Security: Reply to Critics
by Ari Armstrong

Conservative Lies about Social Security
by Ari Armstrong

Social Security: Collected Links

The Objectivist Response to Social Security
by Ari Armstrong

Blue No More: The Joys of Economic Liberty
by Ralph Shnelvar

Will Suthers Protect Patients' Rights?
by Sensible Colorado

Real Market Reformers Stand Against Bush
by Ari Armstrong

Farrell Favors Experiments in Statism
by Ari Armstrong

Media Critic Endorses Socialist Bias
by Ari Armstrong

A Ranch, a Swamp, and an Oil Field: Movies Celebrate Achievement
by Ari Armstrong

Kemp Fumbles Social Security Reform
by Ari Armstrong

Krugman Ignores Failures of Social Security
by Ari Armstrong

Phase Out Social Security
by Ari Armstrong

What's Wrong with Social Security and How to Abolish It
by Ari Armstrong

Social Security: An Evolution in Analysis
by Ari Armstrong

November 2004

Kemp Rouses Colorado Conservatives
by Ari Armstrong

Incredibles Follow Their Passion
by Ari Armstrong

"Castle" Actress Captures Moral Integrity
by Ari Armstrong

The Left's Superiority Complex
by Ari Armstrong

Fest Quarrel Smoothied Over
by Ari Armstrong

The Civility Vote
by Ari Armstrong

The Badnarik Campaign In Perspective
by David F. Nolan

Letters to the Editor: November 17
by Ari Armstrong, Randy Ellingson, and Philip Sagstetter

Voting no on 36 will shield state's influence, avoid legal nightmare
by Ari Armstrong

Bernstein Praises Global Capitalism
by Ari Armstrong

Bush's Brain Misdiagnosed
by Ari Armstrong

Does Theocracy Threaten America?
by Ari Armstrong

Not-Bush for President
by Ari Armstrong

Election Reflection
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: November 3, 2004
by David Nolan, Craig Latzke, Randolph C. Allen, Patrick Sperry, Jeff Wright, and Milt Borchert

October 2004

Amendment 36 Q&A
by Ari Armstrong

The Case for Bush
by Ari Armstrong

The Senate Race and the Right to Choose
by Ari Armstrong

Is Amendment 36 "Retrospective?"
by Ari Armstrong

Opponents of FasTracks Offer Transportation Alternatives
by Ari Armstrong

Colectivos Offer Free-Market Transit Alternative
by Alan Mole

A Few Thoughts on Foreign Policy and Libertarianism
by Ari Armstrong

Military Torture Yields Bad Intelligence and Harms Reputation
by Paul Grant

The Real Dream of Space
by Jeff Wright

A Liberty Makeover for Bush
by Ari Armstrong

The Fraud of Voter Registration
by Ari Armstrong

Voter's Lament: Colorado Issues '04
by Ari Armstrong

Stephenson Reveals System of the World
by Ari Armstrong

Raimondo Versus the Objectivists
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: October 13, 2004
* What About North Korea? (Philip Sagstetter)
* Coors and Medical Marijuana (Paul Tiger, Russ Shaw)
* Coors and Guns (Patrick Sperry)
* Debating Amendment 36 (Paul Tiger)
* Election Notices (Mike Spalding)
* Repies by Ari Armstrong

Clarifying the Liberty Article about Badnarik
by Ari Armstrong

Kopel Joins Moore's Debunkers in 'Fahrenhype'
by Ari Armstrong

Al Franken Live Spurs Kerry Camp
by Ari Armstrong

Medical Marijuana in Colorado
Links to articles.

Coors Opposes States' Rights, Medical Marijuana
by Ari Armstrong

Corry Addresses Medical Marijuana Meeting
by Ari Armstrong

September 2004

Amendment 36 Threatens Electoral Integrity
by Ari Armstrong

LPCO Supports a Legal Disaster
by Ari Armstrong

DeVotchKa Unwraps New Tunes
by Ari Armstrong

Pete Coors Talks Sense On Guns
by Ari Armstrong

Corry Files Second Medical-Marijuana Suit

Challenging a Colorado Democrat
by State Senator Ken Gordon and Ralph Shnelvar

Michael Badnarik Visits Colorado
by Ari Armstrong, Steve Gresh, and Tom Parker (with additional photos by John Geltemeyer)

Jury Stacking in Eagle
by Ari Armstrong

In Defense of Bush's Winning Rhetoric
by Ari Armstrong

by Ari Armstrong

May Set to Recover Medical Marijuana Supplies from DEA

August 2004

DEA to Return Medical Marijuana Equipment

America's Income Gap
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Plans Colorado Stops
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: August 20
by Bo Shaffer, Ari Armstrong, Paul Tiger, Bill Jambura, Patrick Sperry, and Philip Sagstetter

Republican Faust Endorses Socialized Medicine
by Ari Armstrong

Bush's Piss Test
by Ari Armstrong

Miles Supports Lower Drinking Age
by Ari Armstrong

Questions for a Drug-Abuse Counselor
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: August 5, 2004
Patrick Lilly and Craig Latzke discuss Martha, abortion, and property rights.

July 2004

Why Principles Matter: A Reply to Norm Olsen
by Ari Armstrong

Legislative Foolishness
by Ari Armstrong

Political Interpreter: Sue Windels
by Ari Armstrong

Martha, Martha, Martha
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: July 22
Patrick Sperry, Milt Borchert, and Paul Tiger discuss the LPCO and the youth vote.

DEA Raids Aurora Medical Marijuana User
by Ari Armstrong

Conversation with a DEA Agent
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarian Candidate Endorses Nanny-State Legislation
by Ari Armstrong

The Tangled Moral Web of Spidey-2
by Ari Armstrong

Race to the Cookie Jar
by Ari Armstrong

June 2004

Moore's 9/11
by Ari Armstrong

Dogma and Media Bias
by Ari Armstrong

Rush Rocks Denver (Freedom Updates: June 30)
* Donner Addresses Law Suit
* Buckley Bucks Prohibition
* Stanley Convicted

SpaceShipOne Flies!
* Firefly Party
* Libertarian Doctor Approves Medical Marijuana
* Cough-Syrup Abuse

DEA, Metro Drug Agency Allege Abuse of Medical Marijuana Registry
by Ari Armstrong

"What Can I Do?" -- Letter to the Editor: June 21
by Ben Aycrigg and Ari Armstrong

Batman and Mises: Discovery of the Boulder Letters
by Ari Armstrong

Raid on Stanley Raises Questions
by Ari Armstrong

LPCO: Defund Raids on Medical Marijuana

Meeting a Medical Marijuana User
by Ari Armstrong

'Day After Tomorrow' Assaults Science and Reason
by Jeff Wright

Mark Brophy Updates
a complete list of articles

Brophy Issues New Gun-Policy Statement
by Mark Brophy and Ari Armstrong

Questions for Mark Brophy
by Ari Armstrong

LPCO Announces 2004 Candidates

The Brophy Debacle
by Jeff Wright

How to Fix the LPCO (Reply to Shaffer)
by Ralph Shnelvar

Independence Institute Hosts Drug Policy Debate
by Ari Armstrong

Was I the Only Libertarian at the Colorado Libertarian Convention?
by Lloyd Sweeny

May 2004

More Replies Concerning Mark Brophy's LPCO Nomination
by Steve Gresh, Rand Fanshier, Ari Armstrong, Milt Borchert, Anthony Bubb, Clark R. Marley, and Russ Shaw

Libertarian Party of Colorado, R.I.P.
by Ari Armstrong

Brophy Continues to Subvert the Right of Self-Defense
by Ari Armstrong, Mark Brophy, Dudley Brown, and Bob and Sandra Johnson

Why the LPCO's Line-Holder Strategy Backfires
by Ralph Shnelvar

Libertarianism: A Reply to Peter Schwartz
by Ari Armstrong

The Funeral of Reason
by Jeff Wright

Schlosser Offers Antidote to Reefer Madness
by Ari Armstrong

Coors, Schaffer Debate Gun Laws
by Steve Gresh

Letters to the Editor: May 20

Gun Rights and the Rise of the LINOs
by Dudley Brown, Dan Cochran, Mark Brophy, and Ari Armstrong

The Moral Status of Government Contractors
by Philip Sagstetter and Ari Armstrong

Decriminalize It
by Ari Armstrong

Alan Albertus Championed Bill of Rights
by Ari Armstrong

Bruce Earns Highest Vote at Assembly
by Steve Gresh

The Bell Muffles Ring of Liberty
by Ari Armstrong

2nd Amendment Caucus Created In The U.S. House

Publicly Verified Votes Essential to Trustworthy Elections
by Albin Kolwicz

April 2004

by Ari Armstrong

Debates Over Vouchers and Taxes
by Philip Sagstetter and Ari Armstrong

Tax Cuts for the Poor
by Ari Armstrong

Time for High-Tech Education
by S.T. Bond

Colorado's Voucher Wars
by Ari Armstrong

A Libertarian Against Gun Rights?
by Dudley Brown, Norm Olsen, and Mark Brophy

Drug Czar Pitches Random Drug Testing
by Ari Armstrong

ACLU Sues North Metro Drug Task Force

Russell Means Addresses Arapahoe Community College
by Severin Schneider

Joe Johnson Wins Trustee Election
by Ari Armstrong and Ralph Shnelvar

Education and Class Stratification
by Ryan Showman and Ari Armstrong

Should Libertarians Support Outsourcing?
by Deb Hamm and Ari Armstrong

March 2004

Colorado Progressives Reject Elitism
by Bill Vandenberg (reply by Ari Armstrong)

Freedom Updates: March 31, 2004
* Tancredo Turns Left
* Paper Ballot Draft
* Colorado's State Budget
* Government Schools Promote Big Government
* Affirmative Action Stays
* Department of Waste
* Live and Let Live in Wyoming

Teaching Kids to Love Big Government
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates, March 23, 2004
* Nathan Hickson Comes Home
* Cut Prison Spending
* Hillman Takes On Rocky Mountain Progressive Network
* California LP Advocates Paper Votes
* LPCO Opposes 1078
* Tiger Rethinks LP Pledge
* Legislature Hangs Up on No-Call Bill

Freedom in Panama
by Kent McNaughton

Keep the LP Alive: Reply to Marley
by John K. Berntson

The Market for Prairie Dogs
by Ari Armstrong

Free State: Pioneers or Isolationists?
by Ari Armstrong

Nicks an Able Manager
by Ralph Shnelvar

Nicks Campaign a Stepping Stone
by Frank Atwood

Get the GOP Out of Marriage
by Jeff Wright and Steve Gresh

Libertarians Should Compete in Political Marketplace
by Clark R. Marley

February 2004

Heil Gun Show Registrations
by Ari Armstrong

Boston Replies to Molôn Labé! Review
by Boston T. Party

No Need to Move to Freedom
by Ike Hall

Nicks Loses Election, Wins Respect
by Ari Armstrong

Selection Day
by John K Berntson

ACLU Sues Salazar Over Criminal Libel
by Ari Armstrong

Zubrin Describes "Holy Land" Sci-Fi Satire
by Robert Zubrin

Freedom Updates: February 25
* The Political Lobby
* Camp Indecon
* Free State Links
* Flex Your Rights
* Recent Harms of the Drug War
* Drug Policy Reforms
* Schwartz Defends Market Education
* Firefly
* Electronic Voting
* Fair Market Value
* Sour Milk

Boston's Molôn Labé! Hopes for Wyoming Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

LPCO Chair Blasts Bus Bench "Cheap Shot"
by Norm Olsen

Freedom Updates: February 10, 2004
* Band of Libertarians (Save Arvada's Lake)
* RMGO Fights for Vermont-Style CCW
* Jeffco LP Meets

Bus Bench Article Triggers LPCO Newsletter Change
by Ari Armstrong

Bus Bench Ads: Replies
by Ralph Shnelvar, John Berntson, Paul Tiger, and Ari Armstrong

Bald Eagle Watches Over Private Lake
by Ari Armstrong

Nicks, Baker to Debate on KBDI

The LP's Bus Bench Bust
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: February 6, 2004
* All the Carry, None of the Registration
* Super Bologna
* "Privatized" Tax Funding?
* Bell Attacks TABOR

January 2004

Travis Nicks Makes KBDI Appearance
by Ari Armstrong

Legislative Updates: January 31, 2004
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: January 31, 2004
* The Growth of State Government
* Self-Defense Notes
* Conservation of Socialism
* Death to Cooking-Oil Smuggler

Letters to the Editor: January 31, 2004

Republican Supports "Safe Storage" Law for Books
by Ari Armstrong

The Gentle Inspiration of Ron Crickenberger
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: January 21, 2004
* Theft by Eminent Domain
* Grocery Cards
* CCJRC Update
* Howling Pig Avoids Jail
* No-Call List to Cost Libertarians?
* The Threat to Civilization

Reasonable Risks (Ephedra)
by Ari Armstrong

Potter 5 Critiques Power
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: January 17, 2004
* Political Notes
* Crickenberger Ill
* Nicks to Debate Baker on KBDI
* Molon Labe!
* Spirit and Opportunity
* Howling Pig
* Gresh Joins Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition Leadership

'Humans to Mars,' Zubrin Urges
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: January 9
* Travis Nicks Runs for Arapahoe Clerk
* Producers of Injustice
* Congratulations, Walter in Denver!
* Tancredo and Immigration
* Contempt in Medical Marijuana Case
* Campus Information Campaign
* Save Jeff Jordan

Open Letter to a 'Living Wage' Advocate
by Brian Schwartz

Letters to the Editor: January 9
The Constitution, junk politics, animal rights, and baby boomers.

Queers for Capitalism
by Ari Armstrong

Real Academic Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

"Living Wage" Hurts the Poor
by Ari Armstrong

Get Government Out of Marriage
by Ari Armstrong

The Colorado Freedom