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Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles

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December 2003

Junk Politics and the New Reactionaries
by Ari Armstrong

Constitutional Limits
by John Berntson

Republicans Must Rein in Government
by Mark Hillman and Steve Gresh

Freedom Updates: December 31, 2003
* Corporate-Welfare Coffman
* Marijuana Bust for the Ages
* Big Nanny Rises in Silverthorne
* FIJA Efforts
* FasTracks to Socialized Transit

Libertarians Maintain Narrow Lead Over Greens
by Ari Armstrong

What Are 'Natural Rights'?
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: December 17, 2003

Potter for the Masses
by Ari Armstrong

Dark Day for Free Speech
by Ari Armstrong

Independence Institute Hosts Connerly
by Ari Armstrong

Debt by Any Other Name -- Is Still Debt
by Christie Donner, Stephen Raher, and Ari Armstrong

November 2003

Challenges to Animal Rights
by Ari Armstrong

Lamping Proposes National Libertarian Coordinated Campaign

Letters to the Editor, November 20
Free states, free cities, and the future of freedom in America.

How Libertarians Can Beat Zoning and Defend Local Property Rights
by Jerry Van Sickle

Freedom Summit Explores Prospects for Liberty
by Ari Armstrong

The Future of Private Money?
by Dariush Rusta

The Matrix Con
by Jeff Wright

Open Letter #2 from Boston T. Party to All Free Staters

Littleton Grocery Tax Repealed
by Ari Armstrong

Frank Atwood's Campaign Report

'03 Elections a Mixed Bag for Liberty
by Ari Armstrong

Matrix Revolutions Ably Concludes Trilogy
by Ari Armstrong

An Open Letter to All Free State Project Members
by Boston T. Party

October 2003

Steve and Ari's Excellent Adventure
by Ari Armstrong

Plug In to Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: October 29, 2003
* Bruce Seeks Petition Rights Help
* Blake Blasts Logrolling, Debt Spending
* Atwood Defends the Poor
* McElroy on Rights of the Accused
* Free Trade, Free Juries
* "At Large" Congress Reps?
* Andrews Defends TABOR

Letters to the Editor: October 29, 2003
by Matthew P. Ronne and Bill Jambura

Flex Your Rights Releases Police-Encounter Video

Defeat Westminster Tax Hike
by Ari Armstrong

Am. 32 Property Tax Increase a Bad Idea
by Penn R. Pfiffner and Douglas Bruce

Referendum 'A' gets an 'F' for Folly
by Douglas Bruce

Does TABOR Increase Taxes?
by Ari Armstrong

Find Your Own Freedom
by Tom Preble

New Campaign Thoughts
by Richard Lamping

Individual Freedom... Up In Smoke
by Libertarian Party of Colorado

A Note of Optimism
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: October 14
by Milt Borchert, Dave Barnes, Keith Hamburger, and Deb Hamm

Paschall Ignites Jury Nullification Debate
by Ari Armstrong

'Certificates of Participation' Violate Constitution, Suit Argues
by Ari Armstrong

The Merry Spam Killers of Slashdot
by Ari Armstrong

Reactions to the Free State Project Vote
by Jeff Wright, Katrina Damon-Thomas, Linda Cirincione, and John West

'Addiction is a Choice,' Schaler Argues
by Ari Armstrong

Novelist Stephenson Enters Quicksilver Era
by Ari Armstrong

How to Kill Spam Without the State
by Ari Armstrong

Johnson, Armstrong Debate HOAs, Gambling
by Joe Johnson and Ari Armstrong

September 2003

Amendment 33: Gambling With Colorado Government
by Peter Saint-Andre

GOP College Plan Reveals Contradictions of the Left
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: September 24
* Bruce Launches New Anti-Tax Initiative
* Appropriate Sentence for Abuse
* Open Range 2003
* Legislation vs. Contracts for Property Rules
* Alternative Currencies

Letters to the Editor: September 24
* Time for Real Academic Freedom (Steve Gresh)
* City Newsletters and TV (Doug Campbell)
* Washington, We Have an Economic Problem... (Jeff Wright)
* Endorsing Non-Libertarians? (Steve Dasbach)

City Newspapers and the Big Bird Drug Conspiracy
by Ari Armstrong

Why Cops Can Make Meth and You Can't
by Ari Armstrong

Debating Academic Freedom
by Ari Armstrong, John Andrews, and Terrance Carroll

Smoking Bans Stunt Liberty
by Craig Latzke, Rodney Mitchell, and Ari Armstrong

Dude, Where's My Blue Book?
by Ralph Shnelvar

Denver's Stress Test
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: September 14, 2003
* Conservatives on Campus
* Why Prostitutes are Easy Targets
* Expanded CBI Checks?
* Hasta La Vista, Arnold
* Social Security Reform?
* Drug War Follies
* Boston Joins Free State Project
* Littleton Grocery Tax
* Coffman's Reports
* More on Sex and the Law
* Political "Investments"
* Wal-Mart Dirty Deal?

The Tragedy of Open Range
by Ari Armstrong

The Republican Pledge and Constitutional Literacy
by Mike Seebeck, Ari Armstrong, and John Andrews

On Furthering the Interests of the Libertarian Party
by Ralph Shnelvar

Replies to Tiger: The Libertarian Pledge
by Joe Johnson, John Berntson, and Milt Borchert

August 2003

Fear Factor in Blue (Ashcroft's Temptation)
by Eva Kosinski

Mars: Our Next-Door Neighbor (fiction)
by Ari Armstrong

The Libertarian Club
by Paul Tiger

On Republicans and Libertarian Manners
by Don Beezley, Paul Tiger, Mike Seebeck, Bud Martin, Ari Armstrong, and James Thiel

The Disparity of Colorado's ACT Scores
by Ari Armstrong

Queer Eye for the Fourteenth Amendment
by Ari Armstrong

Beating Up the Republicans
by Mike Seebeck; reply by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: August 21
The Free State Project, Trojan horses, and the politics of war.

Freedom Updates: August 14, 2003
* Revival of the Ninth and Tenth?
* The War on the Sick
* Homosexuality and Civilization
* Bill Johnson and Trigger Locks
* Schwarzenegger and Liberalism
* Adultery and the Law
* Supreme Court Gun Cases
* Media Notes

Trojans Prevent Birth of Freedom
by John Berntson

The Free State Project -- Negative Impact on Liberty?
by John Thomas

LPEP Disappointed by Colorado Springs Gun Vote

James Madison Center Files Challenge to Colorado's Amendment 27

Meth Madness
by Ari Armstrong

Comparative Advantage for Libertarian Trojans
by Steve Gresh

Prisons Threaten State Budget
Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Release Non-Violent Drug Users
Libertarian Party

Politics of the F-Word
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor: August 1, 2003
Grocery Tax, Denver Pay Cut, LP.

July 2003

A Discussion About Savings
by Michael Storm Tippets

The Short Sell for Libertarians
by Paul Tiger

Kantor Helps Homeschoolers Network
by Desiree Hickson

Tuskegee Veterans, Kamau Bring Message of Responsibility
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: July 24, 2003
* Libertarianism for Good Health
* LP Fires Crickenberger
* The Limits of Federal Power
* The Economic Meddlers
* MPP Update
* Media Notes

Letters to the Editor, July 24
The grocery tax, LP leadership, and the morality of the Constitution.

Energy and the Free Market
by Jeff Wright

Jim Spencer: The Columnist Who Cried "Racist"
by Ari Armstrong

Gay Marriage and Libertarian Leadership
by Ari Armstrong

Reply by Mike Seebeck

Libertarian 'Dream Team' Pushes for Victory
by Rand Fanshier

LP: Montrose Keeps Grocery Tax

The Corruption of Conservatism
by Congressman Ron Paul

Freedom Updates: July 16
* Atwood Seeks to Repeal Littleton Grocery Tax
* Show Me the Liquor
* Armed Robbers, Vandals Roam Free
* Granolas Find Libertarianism
* LPCO Mails Fundraiser!
* DEA Continues to Trample States
* Kolwicz Blasts Mandatory Mail Ballots
* Feds Push School Drug Testing

Letters to the Editor: July 16
Equilibrium, the District of Columbia, gay marriages.

Zubrin's Mars Novel Envisions First Steps
by Ari Armstrong

Prof. Huemer Defends the Right to Own a Gun
by Ari Armstrong

A Pink Tea Party for Musgrave
by Stephanie Shearer

A Cato Intern Reports from D.C.
by John Thrasher

Freedom Updates: July 9, 2003
* Colorado Deals with Race
* New Gun Laws Baffle Post Reporter
* How a Democrat Could Win the Presidency
* Schwartz Defends CCW in Camera
* RMGO Announces Gun-Sales Website
* LPCO Board Seeks Convention Organizer
* Denver Post Two for Three on Liberty
* Criminal Sanctions for Car Passengers?
* KABA Announces Second-Amendment Petition
* The Prudence of Gun Ownership
* Olsen Dissolves 1142 Committee
* Media Notes

Letters to the Editor: July 9, 2003
Carol Hill and the Democrats, Leaner Libertarians, Joe Pietri, and Ralph Shnelvar.

Libertarians Fight Over Affiliates, Drug Policy
by Ari Armstrong

A Libertarian Chooses a Diet
by Ralph Shnelvar

Focus Offers Disturbing View of Mid-Century America
by Ari Armstrong

June 2003

Guns and the Media
by Ari Armstrong

Lakewood Knifing No 'Accident'
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: June 26, 2003
* Supremes Rule on Race, Sex, and Porn
* Mike Coffman Supports More Corporate Welfare
* The Cure for Fake Cops
* Media Notes

Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2003
Culture, guns, and self-government.

What's Wrong with American Culture?
by Ari Armstrong

Wyoming in 'No Danger' of Losing More Gun Rights
by Ari Armstrong

Boulder Weekly Readers Reply to 'Lock and Load'
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: June 19, 2003
* Failures of the Drug War
* Capitalism vs. Socialism
* Manitou Springs Considers Disarmament Ordinance
* Mail-In Ballots
* Media Notes

Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2003
Russ Cook, Unpaid Debts, and Rick O'Shay.

Jim Spencer and the Politics of Murder
by Ari Armstrong

Tom Mauser Promotes Unsafe Gun Use
by Ari Armstrong

Replies to Anti-Gun Critics
by Ari Armstrong

A Look at White's Older Writings
by Bruce Tiemann

Letters to the Editor, June 11, 2003
Right to work, lawyers, drug war, guns.

Freedom Updates, June 11
* Bruce Seeks Petition Help
* HB 1290 (Emergency Provisions)
* Drug War Hypocrisy
* DepRAVEd Act

Hickenlooper By 29%!
* Bill Clinton for President
* Media Notes

Ten Ways the Republicans Failed
by Ari Armstrong

Replies to Pam White's Gun-Class Article
by Ari Armstrong

LP Contemplates Action Against 1142
by Ralph Shnelvar

May 2003

You Are Worthy of Defending Yourself
by Ralph Shnelvar

The GO Strategy for Libertarians
by Frank Atwood

Anti-Gun Hysteria Greets New Laws
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Comment on the Matrix

District Court Rejects Appeal in Denver Gun Case
by Duncan Philp

Taking on the LPCO Newsletter (Again)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: May 29, 2003
* Pamela White Reviews Gun Challenge
* Ban Automatics!
* The LP Should Target PATRIOT Supporters
* We Need Spending Cuts
* Ayn Rand and War
* Westword, Guns, and Justin Green
* Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty
* They're Stealing the Bill of Rights!
* Marilyn Musgrave, Defender of Taxpayers
* Media Notes

Pamela White Takes the Gun Challenge
by Ari Armstrong

The Libertarian Red Pill
by Ari Armstrong

A Theory of Class Victimization
by Ari Armstrong

Letters to the Editor, May 20, 2003
Australian gun laws, I.D., Santorum, state spending

2003 Colorado Legislative Review
by Ari Armstrong

It Can Happen Here, and Already Has
by Douglas Bruce

Denver Post Pushes Agenda of Anti-Gun Lobby
by Ari Armstrong

The Religious Case Against Santorum
by Mark Call (Reply by Ari Armstrong)

Freedom Updates: May 14, 2003
* Independence Institute Celebrates Victories
* Correction to Moore Report
* Denver Tax, 1142, CCW, Smoking Bans, Links
* AZ Lawyer Takes On Drug War
* Wright Fears Currency War
* The Roots of Government Education
* Potential Election Fraud
* Grocery Taxes to be Repealed?
* End Federal Gas Tax
* Regulation Insanity (Water)
* Atlas Dogged

Seebeck, Kosinski Review Libertarian Convention

Letters to the Editor, May 14, 2003
(Iraq, Santorum, Vouchers, Guns, I.D.)

'Guns & Mothers' Premieres on PBS
by Ari Armstrong

The Psychology of Crisis
by Steve Gresh

New Board Takes the Helm
by Ari Armstrong

Presidential Hopefuls Make Their Case
by Ari Armstrong

'We Have Survived,' Shnelvar Says
by Ari Armstrong

ACLU Rep. Ponders Liberty and Safety
by Ari Armstrong

Boston Touts Libertarian State for Education Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Debate Vouchers
by Ari Armstrong

Zubrin Reviews Mars Plan
by Ari Armstrong

Suprynowicz Inspires 'True Faith of Liberty'
by Ari Armstrong

Shell Takes on DHS
by Ari Armstrong

Free State Project Gains Momentum
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Should Oppose Death Penalty, Wilson Argues
by Ari Armstrong

Muslims Share American Dream, Local Says
by Ari Armstrong

BetteRose Ryan Says Farewell to Colorado LP
by Ari Armstrong

April 2003

Heads vs. Feds: Drug War Another Regulatory Failure
by Ralph Shnelvar

Heads vs. Feds Misses the Point
by Brian Schwartz

Settling into Life in Panama
by Kent McNaughton

Searching for Ragnar Danneskjöld
by Ari Armstrong

LP03: Party Adopts New Rules
by Ari Armstrong

CCJRC Pushes Sentencing, Parole Reform

Boston & You & The Police
by Ari Armstrong

Send In the Sex Police
by Ari Armstrong

Prelude to an American Police State
by Ari Armstrong

The Boss is in the Mirror
by Ralph Shnelvar

The Tragic Death of Sahil Ahmed
by Ari Armstrong

Liberties Threatened at Home, Congressman Paul Warns
by Ari Armstrong

Barnett Analyzes 'Structure of Liberty'
by Ari Armstrong

Paradoxes of the War Debate
by Ari Armstrong

The Lost American Century?
by Jeff Wright

Make My Day Law Reviewed by Sponsors
by Ari Armstrong

Colorado Gun Tax Defeated
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarian Party 2003 Convention Photo Album
by Ari Armstrong

The War Against Reason
by Ari Armstrong

LP Chair Berntson Offers Parting Remarks
by John Berntson

Libertarians Address Changes in Party

Stanley Supporter Seeks Presidential Nomination
by Ari Armstrong

March 2003

Moore's Folly
by Ari Armstrong

Vouchers May Entrench the Welfare State
by Ari Armstrong

CCJRC Opposes Debt-Financed Prisons, Works to Reform Parole

Colorado Libertarians Look to Move Party Forward
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: March 26, 2003
* Conservatives Split Over War
* Honor the Troops, Question the Leaders, Seebeck Says
* Bruce Defends TABOR
* Self-Defense at CU, Boulder
* Media Watch

Freedom Updates: March 20, 2003
* Maynard Fears Fraud with Mail Ballots
* The U.S. Goes to War
* Blizzard Provides Political Cover
* The Global-Warming Blizzard
* SB-25 Protects Rights
* The Virtues of Globalization
* Time to Reform Parole
* Fort Collins to be "Civil Liberties Safe Zone?"
* Media Watch

Olsen Announces LPCO Board Slate

Zubrin's Plan to Settle Mars
by Ari Armstrong

Colorado Civil Arms Update
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: March 14, 2003
* Maynard Fears Fraud with Mail Ballots
* "The Bell" Rings a Sour Note
* Judge Gray Joins LP
* Paschall Deserves a Break
* Republicans Support Welfare...
* ...and Democrats Support Markets
* Costs of War
* Left-Wing Racism
* Minor Party Bill Update
* Jeffco LP Meet Gains Attendance
* LP Board Members Trade Barbs
* Campaign Restrictions as Prohibition
* Progressives Target PATRIOT Act
* Big Brother is Watching Your Faucet
* Media Watch

Defeat the Colorado Gun Tax!
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Join Lysistrata Project
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: March 5, 2003
* Major Papers Blast Minor Party Bill 1142
* Mark Paschall, Treasurer
* The Woehr Party?
* Costco and Eminent Domain
* Hillman Offers Budget Numbers
* Potter Dissents
* Media Watch

February 2003

Guns on Campus: Irrational Fears Limit Concealed Carry
by Brian Schwartz

Is a Homeowners' Association a Contract?
by Brian Rachocki and Ari Armstrong

LP Candidates Shouldn't Sue for Media Access
by Ari Armstrong

Practice Freedom to Save It
by Jeff Wright

If I Ran the Circus
by L. Neil Smith

Freedom Updates: February 26
* John Lott and the Missing 98%
* Firestar
* Self-Defense in New York
* Media Watch

LP: Colorado Springs Police Resort to Chemical Agents

LP Demands Answers Before Iraq War
(With a reply by Kent McNaughton)

CCJRC Urges Alternatives to Prison Expansion

ACLU Promotes "Safe and Free" America
by Ari Armstrong

Dems Twist "Will of Voters" to Own Ends
by Ari Armstrong (Reply to Fitz-Gerald and Veiga)

The Right of Self-Defense is Inalienable
by Ari Armstrong (Reply to Gordon)

Homeowners Associations Debated
by Joe Johnson (reply by Ari Armstrong)

Freedom Updates: February 20, 2003
* Free Katica Crippen
* Sen. Arnold Breaks a Promise
* COPs Proposal Goes to Senate
* 1142 Passes House Vote
* Congratulations, Terrance Carroll
* Allow Adoption by Gays
* Media Watch

Legislative Update: Self Defense, Prisons, Minor Parties, CCW, God
by Ari Armstrong

COPs Evade Debt Limits
by Barry Poulson

1142 Bullies Minor Parties
by Douglas "Dayhorse" Campbell

Libertarians Should Work with Other Parties
by Nate Gorman

Freedom Updates: January 12, 2003
* Kill the Flowers, Aurora Says
* Grant Defends Jury Rights
* No-Fault Auto Insurance
* Musgrave Joins Ron Paul's Liberty Caucus
* Jack Woehr Visits Jeffco LP
* Barbershop Revisited
* In Defense of Homeowners Associations
* Kosinski on Space
* End the Drug War
* Media Watch

1142 May Violate Court Rulings
by Ralph Shnelvar

LPCO: 1142 Fixes Wrong Problem

Sticking with the Libertarian Party
by Norm Olsen

The LP is the Party of Principle
by Joe Johnson

War Isn't Justified
by Joe Johnson

January 2003

Time to Commercialize Space
by Jeff Wright

Reach For The Stars
by Ari Armstrong

Amendment 22 Revisited
by Ari Armstrong

Bill Would Hobble Minor Parties, Representatives Say
by Ari Armstrong

The State of George W. Bush
by Ari Armstrong

Why the Republican Party Might Be the Best Strategy for Liberty
by John Thrasher

Smith Guts Self-Defense Bill
by Ari Armstrong

There's A New Sheriff In Town
by Desiree Hickson

Republicans Threaten Minor Parties, LP Charges

LP Leaders Discuss Strategy
by Ari Armstrong

LP Responds to Owens' State of State Address

CUT Hosts Budget Preview
by Ari Armstrong

Bills Would Protect Right of Self-Defense
by Ari Armstrong

Saying "No" to Red Light Cameras
by Brian Schwartz

Concealed Carry 2003
by Ari Armstrong

Raimondo Denounces War in CU Talk
by John Thrasher

It's Easy Being Green
by Ralph Shnelvar

The Colorado Freedom