Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles 2002

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Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles 2002

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December 2002

Libertarian Party of Colorado 2003 Convention (Info Page)

Independence Institute Celebrates 18th
by Ari Armstrong

Meth Bills Disguise Political Posturing
by Ari Armstrong

Film Review: Inject Your Dose of Equilibrium
by Ari Armstrong

The Pamela White Gun Challenge
by Ari Armstrong

Republican Liberty Bogus
by John Berntson

A Fork in My Path of Political Activism
by Steve Gresh

What is the Real Defense of Liberty?
by Jeff Wright

Book Review: Board the Sparrowhawk
by Ari Armstrong

No More Excuses for GOP, Says LP

November 2002

Second-Hand Socialism
by Ari Armstrong

Total(itarian) Information Awareness (LP)

David Calderwood and Joe Johnson Reply to 'Buck the Vote'

BetteRose Ryan Reflects on the Stanley Campaign
by Ari Armstrong

Buck the Vote, Urges George H. Smith
by Ari Armstrong

Affirmative Action for Conservatives? (Christian Hoff Sommers)
by Ari Armstrong

Moore Bowls Gutter Balls in Columbine Film
by Ari Armstrong

The Libertarian Strategy for Gun Owners
by John Berntson

'Project Gestapo' Claims Another Victim
by Dudley Brown

Analyzing the Stanley Campaign
by David Bryant

Cacioppo Replies to Armstrong's Election Analysis

Friedman Promotes Vouchers at Denver Luncheon
by Ari Armstrong

A Libertarian Analysis of the 2002 Colorado Elections
by Ari Armstrong

Boulder Libertarians Party Election Night
by Ari Armstrong

Independence Institute Hosts Election Wrap-Up
by Ari Armstrong

Election Results 2002
by Ari Armstrong

Why I Vote Libertarian
by Jeff Wright

Denny to Attend Election Night Party in Littleton

Ewegen Votes for Shnelvar

Biff Baker Campaign: One | Two | Three | Four

LP Candidates Blast Prohibition

McQueen the RKBA Candidate for State Senate

A Libertarian Critique of Corporations
by Jeff Wright

Freedom Updates: November 21, 2002
Justice for Amini | Golyansky | Tancredo and Homosexuals | Drug War Czar
L. Neil Smith Praises LP | Victoria's Secret | Cacioppo | Boulder Weekly
Denny Thanks Activists | Ban Vanilla and more Media Notes

Freedom Updates: November 3, 2002
Shnelvar Finishes Rounds | Denny Scores Media | Strickland and Gunshows
"Freedom-Killer" Politicians | The Stanley Factor | A Liberty Coalition
The Senate Race and Civil Liberties | Mass-ively Expensive Transit
Fanshier Stays Active | Media Notes

October 2002

Oust Judge Nieto: Jury Nullification Essential for Checks and Balances
by Bruce Tiemann

Threats Prove Need for State Militia
by Jeff Wright

Ballistic Database Threatens Public Safety

L. Neil Smith Addresses AZ Libertarian Event

LP's Denny Pledges to Restore Honor to Arapahoe County

LP: Voting to Win

LP Opposes Refs. C, D, and E

Election Reveals Ayn Rand Fans

Get a Haircut! 'Barbershop' Promotes Libertarian Values

Ballistic Fingerprints No Answer to Senseless Crimes
by Ari Armstrong

D.C.-Area Murderer Faces Passive Civilians
by Ari Armstrong

Gresh Calls for Activation of the Citizens' State Militia

Shnelvar Calls for Renewed State Militia for Security

LP: Don't Remove DA Term Limits

Vote 'No' on Ref. B, LP Urges: Get Government Out of Health Care

CUT Hosts Awards Breakfast

by Ari Armstrong

Biff Baker Holds Press Conference at Hefley's Office

Health Care Catastrophe Looms, Shnelvar Warns
by Ari Armstrong

Defending D.A. Term Limits
by Stephen Raher

LP Urges "No" Vote on Amendment 30

Gorman Advocates Legal Marijuana
by Ari Armstrong

LP Outpaces Minor Parties

What's a Libertarian?
by Ari Armstrong

Democrats Tout 'Right to Bear Firearms'
by Ari Armstrong

NRA-Endorsed Politician Calls for Expanded Gun Registration
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: October 25, 2002
The Politics of Murder | NRA Comes to Town | BIKEPAC Endorses Shnelvar
Boulder Weekly Endorses 3 Libertarians | Republicans Remember Markets
Holden Campaign | Criminal Records | Media Notes

Freedom Updates: October 11, 2002
Benefield's Socialized Medicine | No On Everything | Shnelvar Runs Gun Ads
Gurley | Baker | Youth | Plylar | Vance Contemplates Resignation
Social Security | Biker Group | LP Calendars | Free State Project
NRA Endorses Beauprez, Gives Tancredo $ | Media Notes

Freedom Updates: October 11, 2002
Marijuana a Drought Plant | LP Invites Muslim | Baker Pledges to Limit Terms
Philp Wins Suit | Congrats, FAMM | HD 29 | Brennan Covers Stanley
Dave Dawson of WY | Natural Law | Ed Stein | Gurley | Repub. Canned Over E-mail

Freedom Updates: October 4, 2002
Social Security Folly | Armed Samaritan Stops Crime | Gun Bans Mean More Crime in England
Drug Czar | Allard and Guns | Market Preservation
Shnelvar with Brooks, Rivers | Biff Baker on War | Libertarian Blues
Media Notes

September 2002

Let Ralph Debate!
by Ari Armstrong

Beauprez Denounces Libertarian Philosophy
by Ari Armstrong

Eliminating Cuacuses Wrong Solution, Says LP

Amendment 27 a 'Special-Interest Wolf'

Shnelvar Wrestles with TREX
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Debate Amendment 31

Ron Paul: A Foreign Policy for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty

Bennett Interviews Boston T. Party

Self-Defense Groups Subject of Denver Police Files
by Ari Armstrong

Tancredo Promotes Unjust Immigration Laws
by Ari Armstrong

Candidates Speak to Grand Junction Gun Owners
by Ari Armstrong

Allard Shreds Constitution
by Ari Armstrong

Shnelvar Hammers Owens in Radio Ads
by Ari Armstrong

LP Urges 'No' Vote on Amendment 27

Biff Baker Responds to Libel Suit

LP Responds to Denver Police Files

Noelle Bush's Drug Problem
release from the Libertarian Party

Denver Spy Files Target Libertarian Party
by Ari Armstrong

Hefley Refuses to Debate Biff Baker

Freedom Updates: September 29, 2002
Stanley in Post | Denver Empire | Tancredo on Immigration | FIJA
Changing Lanes | Gregg Miller | Tom Mauser | Water | Katz
Drug War | Islam

Freedom Updates: September 21, 2002
Democracy Gets Ugly | LP Politics | TABOR | 2nd Amendment Support
Stanley Debates | Free Speech | Terror | Drug War | Growth | Norris Shot by Police

Freedom Updates: September 13, 2002
War | Airport Security | LP Activists | Tiger on Prohibition
LEAP | Howell on Education | Leadville | Boston | L. Neil
English Crime | Social Security | Seebach | Immigration | Media Notes

August 2002

Libertarians Celebrate Fifth Annual Pro-Immigration Rally
by Ari Armstrong

Legislation and Market Education
by Steve Gresh

Why I Support Vouchers
by Ralph Shnelvar

Stewart Seeks to Repeal Mandatory Minimums
by Ari Armstrong

Borden's Message: 'Stop the Drug War'
by Ari Armstrong

A Libertarian Case Against Vouchers
by Ari Armstrong

Elizabeth Bennett Honored as Libertarian of the Year

Biff Baker Sued Over Fraud Allegations

The Stanley Files
A comprehensive list of articles covering Rick Stanley's campaign for U.S. Senate. Every article about Stanley provided by the Colorado Freedom Report is linked from this page.

LPCO Board Set to Vote on Stanley's Removal
by Ari Armstrong

Stanley Targets Berntson in Latest Witch Hunt; Threatens to Split State LP
by Ari Armstrong

July 2002

Blue Laws Survive Another Year

TIPS Threatens Liberty, Shnelvar Warns

Stanley Vows Appeal at Sentencing Hearing
by Ari Armstrong
Added: Stanley's comments and his reply to Armstrong

Shnelvar Slams Heath's Health Ad Regs

Objectivists and Libertarians
by Ari Armstrong

Shnelvar Blasts Heath's Cigarette Tax

Baker Challenges Rosen

Biff Baker Alleges Defense Fraud

Ladies for Liberty 2003 Calendar

Libertarians Support Immigration, Condemn Racism
release by Ralph Shnelvar

Shed a Tear for Stanley
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates: July 19, 2002
Rosen and Capitalism | Stanley, Grant Part Ways | Nevada's Marijuana Initiative
Prostitution | Vouchers | Welfare | TIPS Snoops | Smoking Bans
Alison Maynard | Media Notes

June 2002

Stanley Responds to Charges of Racist E-Mail
by Ari Armstrong

Konieczny Resigns from Stanley Campaign

Rebuilding Colorado's State Government
by Ed Quillen

Colorado Libertarians Hold 2002 Convention (Photos and Review)
by Ari Armstrong

LP Nominates Candidates, Elects Board
by Ari Armstrong

Capitalists Support Immigration
by Nate Gorman

Vouchers for Satan?
by Ari Armstrong

Stanley Opposes Open Immigration
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarianism or Tribalism? Reply to Critics Concerning Rick Stanley
by Ari Armstrong

Why Gun Owners and Pot Smokers Need Each Other
by Ralph Shnelvar

Shnelvar Attends Gun Class, Campaigns in Grand Junction
by Ari Armstrong

Shnelvar Addresses Juneteenth Celebration

Stanley Denounces Armstrong

Stanley Campaign: Forest Service Rejects Help

Proud to be a 'Gunnie' (Reply to Scott Graves)
by Joe Johnson

Stanley: 'I Will No Longer File Income Taxes'

The Ends and Means of Steve Gresh
by Ari Armstrong

Gresh Replies to Armstrong
by Steve Gresh

Lessons from the Fire
by Ari Armstrong

Stanley Convicted on Gun Charges (Review of the Trial)
by Ari Armstrong

Blue Laws Crimp Economic Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

What's Wrong with the Libertarian Party?
by John Thrasher

Reply to Thrasher: Defining Libertarianism
by Ari Armstrong

Reply to Vance: Wise Consistency is a Virtue
by Ari Armstrong

Hockey, Art, and Libertarianism
by Ari Armstrong

'Why I Hate Gunnies'
by Scott Graves

Shnelvar Runs to Legalize Marijuana
by Ari Armstrong

Stanley Takes on Rosen (and Loses)
by Ari Armstrong

LP's Seebeck Blasts Stanley for Call to Hang Allard

Stanley Campaigns at Court, Risks Arrest

Freedom Updates: June 30, 2002
Baker Alleges Gov't Fraud | Colo. Springs Rally for Legal Pot | Blue Laws
Civil Disobedience | E-Racism | Media on Shnelvar, Stanley, Gorman, Drug War

Freedom Updates: June 12, 2002
Forfeiture Reform | Students Expelled | Sentencing Reform Fails
Drug War | Innocent Until Proven Guilty | Art Renewal | On-Line Arrest Records
Gun Shows | Pornography | FEE | Social Security | Media Notes

May 2002

The Rapid Rise of Drug War Propaganda and the Police State
by Ari Armstrong

Armstrong Resigns from LP Newsletter Position

The Trouble with Rick Stanley
by Ari Armstrong
David Bryant replies; Armstrong defends his position

April 2002

1404 Passes Senate Committee
by Ari Armstrong

Asset Forfeiture Reform: Press Release from CCJRC

Asset Forfeiture Reform Passes First Vote
by Ari Armstrong

Forfeiture Reform Bill Delayed (Review of Hearing)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates April 8, 2002
Tattered Cover Wins! | Project Exile | State Sen. Denied for Gun Purchase
Bigotry vs. Gun Owners | Bush-Speak (tariffs) | Sarah Brady's Son
Campaign Finance | Drug War Ads | Stem Cells | Littwin

March 2002

Sane Alternatives to the Marijuana Epidemic (Anti-Gun Activist Busted for Drugs)
by Ari Armstrong

Vouchers Create Dependency
by Ari Armstrong

Why Lois Kaneshiki Fails (Libertarian Politics)
by Ari Armstrong

Disturbing Images as Social Criticism (Discussing a Poster by CU Campus Libertarians)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates March 4, 2002
Warrantless Drug Raid | English Crime Wave | Abominable Tax Man
Brady Checks Deny Rights | Clones | Virtues of Immigration | Seat-Belt Law Voted Down

February 2002

Nationalized Airport "Security"
by Ari Armstrong

Reactions to Shooting Reveal Biases
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians Remain Pro-Gun (Despite Herpin's Claims)
by Ari Armstrong

Felony Cold Pills
by Ari Armstrong

January 2002

Liberalize Concealed Carry
by Ari Armstrong

Restrain the Nanny State ("Primary Offense" Seatbelt Laws)
by Ari Armstrong

Libertarians and Educational Politics (Review of article by Lois Kaneshiki)
by Ari Armstrong

Police Corruption
by Ari Armstrong

Holiday Movies (Majestic, Lord of the Rings, Uncorked)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates January 31, 2002
Safety Mandates for Legislators | Unified Education | CCW NOW
Webb to Socialize Fish | Homophobe Sues | "Thomas Jefferson" Who?
Marijuana Waco | Defensive Gun Uses

Freedom Updates January 22, 2002
Owens Spends Tax Dollars on TV Ads | Tax Poll Checks Attitudes
Drug War Corruption | British Crime Wave | Freedom Ship
Islam | Gun Registration

The Colorado Freedom