Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles 2001

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Colorado Freedom Report -- Catalog of Articles 2001

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December 2001

Liberty is Justice
by Ari Armstrong

The Drug War Has Failed
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates December 18, 2001
Rick Stanley and the RM News | Reluctantly NRA | Global ID Plan
Brady Bunch | Enforce the Bill of Rights | Ifeminist Takes on Boulder
GWB = FDR? | Propaganda Bombs | Ritalin

November 2001

Objectivism and War
by Ari Armstrong

Prostitution and Liberalism (Review of Wendy McElroy Talk)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates November 13, 2001
Airline Security | El Dildo Bandito | Economic Stimulus
Trade Restrictions | Uprising | Criminals Bypass Brady
Value of Asbestos | MMM Critique | Swiss and Guns
Collateral Damage | Michael A. Bellesiles on Guns
Gun Lies in Schools | Guns Stop Rape | ACLU Defends Gun Owners
Stratton Issues CCW

October 2001

First Monday (Gun Grabbers At it Again)
by Ari Armstrong

September 2001

by Ari Armstrong (Links to other articles)

Day of Resolve
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates September 11, 2001
Donate Blood

Freedom Updates September 5, 2001
Romo Persecutors Investigated | Janet Reno | Liberty Links | HCI
John Lott on UN Gun Policies | Socialized Medicine | Drinking Age
Japan Homicide/Suicide | Letter from Canada

August 2001

Government Schools Fail Minorities
by Ari Armstrong

'Racial Tracking' Found at Government High School
Colorado Progressive Coalition

The Age of Reason? (Drinking Age)
by Jennifer Rosen

July 2001

Simple Rules Foiled Again
by Ari Armstrong

The UN's War on Freedom
by Ari Armstrong

Fast Track to Fascism (ID Tech)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates July 16
Hate Crimes | UK Gun Crime Soars | Mauser Gets Arrested
Alien and Sedition Acts | Farmers No Suckers | McCain | MMM
Mandatory Minimums | Flag Burning | Stossel | Immigrants | Brady
Socialized Insecurity | Kyoto | Newberry's Art

June 2001

Cruise Control Not a Proper Police Function
by Ari Armstrong

Repeal Brady Registration Checks
by Dudley Brown

Notes on the TRT
by Ari Armstrong

Censorship and the Manson Debate
by Ari Armstrong

Responsible Parenting and Censorship
by Barry Fagin

Global Warming and the Kyoto Treaty
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates June 12
Japan Murders | Surveillance Tech | Greed | Polis | Bush Girls & Beer

Freedom Updates June 7
Glass on Politically Incorrect? | Cops Confiscate Cars | Assorted Links
Standardized Testing | Free Expression -- Armband w/ Handgun? | MMM

May 2001

ADL, Post Defame Bob Glass
by Ari Armstrong

Project Exile Promotes Prison Rape
by Robert Teesdale

Meet Frankie: How the Million Mom March Plans to Push its Disarmament Agenda in Our Schools
by Ari Armstrong

Shape Up, TRT
by Ari Armstrong

Moms Rally for Freedom 2001 (Photo Journal)
by Ari Armstrong

Misinformed Moms March 2001
by Ari Armstrong

Good Mothers are Responsible Role Models
by Carla Howell

Bigoted Moms Tempered
by Dave Kopel and Ari Armstrong

CSSA Sells Out (for Subsidized Shooting Ranges)

Republican Chickens (The Trouble with Prohibition)
by Ari Armstrong

Million Moms Slander TRT, Advocate Use of Force
by Ari Armstrong

The TRT Organizes
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates May 10
Repeal Growth Controls | British Crime Wave | Bush Spends More
Post on Federalism | MMM Squelches Debate | IRS Slacks Off

Freedom Updates May 3
18-20 Bill Defeated | John Thoburn | 'A Right, Not a Loophole'
4th Amendment | Jury Nul. | Dennis Tito | Tax Thieves
'Proficient' Education? | Energy Market | 'Loophole' Defined

April 2001

18-20 Bill Considered by Senate (The 'Rapist Empowerment Bill')
by Ari Armstrong

An Open Letter to Rep. Groff (Why Disarmament Hurts Minorities)
by Ari Armstrong

The Freedom Loophole (Is THIS Where We're Headed?)
by Ari Armstrong

'Bill's Law' and the Death of Candice Newmaker
by Ari Armstrong

Lies, Loopholes, and Safe Guns
by Ari Armstrong

Gun Lock Laws Endager Families
by John R. Lott, Jr.

Congressional Staff Buys Guns Illegally
by Ari Armstrong

One Evil Does Not Justify Another (OK City)
by Ari Armstrong

Freedom Updates April 20
Hangun Purchase Age | BB Gun Felony | Gun Regulations
Tax-Funded Prostitution | Romer v Saxon | Rand in Somalia | Jesus

Freedom Updates April 18
Felony BB Gun | Stupid Voters | Homicide Reporting | Campaign Finance
Taxes | Waco | Enemy at the Gates | Blow | Homeschooling
Franklin | NPR/PBS

Freedom Updates April 3
Campaign Finance | Amendment 22 | Bob Glass | Kyoto
Police State | Responsibility | Jared Polis | Postal Police
Tom Strickland | AP on Economics | Character Ed. | 5 Mom March

March 2001

Gun Control Dishonesty
by Bruce Tiemann

Keep Religion Free of Federal Interference
by Doug Newman

A Dime's Worth of Difference?
by Mark Call

"Why Do You Love Your Guns?"
by Karen Olson

Tax Protest Planned in D.C.

Sure, Blame the Gun (Santee Murders)
by David Kopel and Ari Armstrong

The Media's Anti-Gun Bias (Two California Murders) LP

Banned Barbies in Boulder
by Barry Fagin

Free John Thoburn

TRT: Building on Success
by Ari Armstrong

A History of the Drug War
by Stephen Raher

IRS Seizes Church
by Congressman Ron Paul

Why the School Violence?
by Ari Armstrong

Let Dropouts Drive
by Mike Krause

Freedom Updates March 30
"I'd Be Dead" (gun laws) | Amendment 22 | English Gun Crime
Campaign Finance | Inflation | Gay Libertarians | Fox on Drug War

Freedom Updates March 9
Notes on School Violence | Rockwell's Hope | Denver Cops 'Lose' Gun | Urban Sprawl for Dummies

Freedom Updates March 4
Gun Bans Yield More Crime | Gun Planted on Mena? | Bureaucrash
Clinton Clone | IRS Church Seizure (Revisited) | Marijuana Use: Netherlands vs. U.S. | Regulators

February 2001

SAFE Isn't: See the Photos from the January 8 Counter-Rally

Freedom Updates February 24
CO Supports Concealed Carry | IRS Seizes Church | Big-Government Ashcroft
Dumb Growth and the Poor | Ecstasy Death | Owens Misses CSAP Question
Legislature | 'Papers, Please' (More) | NOW: Socialism is Not 'Progressive'
NRA Hypocrisies | Hillary on Incrementalism

January 2001

Gun Storage Law Poses Danger
by Ari Armstrong

Boulder Passes 'Common Nonsense' Gun Restrictions
by Ari Armstrong

John Ashcroft Weak on Gun Rights
by Dudley Browne

Restrictive Carry Bill a Step Backwards
by Ari Armstrong

The Discovery of Freedom (review)
by Jackie Maw

Gale Norton Defends Property Rights
by Ari Armstrong

Thank You, Dr. King
by Ari Armstrong

Market Growth
by Ari Armstrong

Denver Subsidized Growth (II)

Officials Zone Out God (LP)

Freedom Updates January 31
Bush to Subsidize Religion | High School Drug Use | Norton | Marriage (Politicos Stay Out)
Crime Pays | Dumb Growth | Silicon Valley | ACLU | Free Speech

Freedom Updates January 25
CA Gun Outlaws| Drug War for the Birds | Energy Market
Clinton's Economic Lies | Canadian Freedom Movements | Drug Charges Dropped for Politically Connected
Norton a Rand Fan | Campaign Finance | Market Growth

Freedom Updates January 18
"Action" Jackson | Gun News | Traffic | Mena | Growth | Sierra Club

Freedom Updates January 16
unSAFE Discriminates | Owens' Militia | Gale Norton | Bureaucratic Sprawl

Freedom Updates January 10
McCarthyites Smear Norton | Chavez Takes a Beating

Freedom Updates January 5
Rapist Protection Act | Winning Gun Debates | Norton on Constitution
Outlook for Dubya | Prohibition Fever | Myth of CA Deregulation
Canadian Gun Owners | Socialized Medicine | Campaign Finance (Polis)

Freedom Updates January 2
NRA: Too Afraid to Fight | Gale Norton
Jarid Polis and Campaign Restrictions | Drug Check Points
Global Gun Control Failures | Gazette on Massachusetts | Taxes and Fraud
Superbugs | 'Papers, please!'

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